Why the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Author Returned to Prison

A promotional photo for “Orange is the New Black. Before the previous season ended, Daya Dascha Polanco was shown in a completely new light. Daya was usually soft-spoken and nice, but in the “Orange is the New Black” season 4 finale, a rebellious aggressive side to her was shown when she got a hold of corrections officer Thomas Humphrey’s Michael Torpey gun and pointed it directly at him. Officer Humphrey has built up a nasty reputation among Litchfield’s inmates, which means he can come back in season 5 as a vengeful antagonist out to get back at Daya, that is, if he can manage to slip off from his current situation with Daya safely. Much speculation has surrounded the “Orange is the New Black” season 4 finale, leaving fans to conclude that Daya might get sent to the Special Housing Unit, mostly known as the SHU, in season 5. With Daya going deep into trouble due to her actions, “Orange is the New Black” fans are rooting for the comeback of her former paramour and father to her child John Bennett Matt McGorry in season 5 to save Daya. Unfortunately, there is still no official confirmation regarding Bennett’s return in season 5. On another note, the rebellion among Litchfield inmates triggered by the wrongful cover-up of Poussey’s Samira Wiley death is one more thing fans are expecting to be covered in season 5.

Orange Is The New Black

After busting out a gum-wrapper ring and proposing to Daya Dascha Polanco , who is both the mother of his unborn child and still serving her sentence for drug related charges, Bennett visits her also-incarcerated mom’s boyfriend, Cesar, in hopes of connecting and becoming one big happy family of women in prison and the men who love them. But still, he said, “I’ve had mixed feelings about it. We’re sort of breaking the romanticized bubble of Daya and Bennett and actually delving into what is maybe the most realistic portrayal — something that can express the consequences of a relationship between a guard and inmate.

During a flashback to Bennett’s time in the military — the highlight of which is a video he made with his platoon shaking their stuff to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” — we see Bennett is a similarly chill soldier as he often is a guard. But he’s not exactly winning any medals for bravery.

Orange Is the New Black fans will finally learn the fate of everyone’s for Daya, who was impregnated by officer John Bennett (Matt McGorry).

Have you ever had an affair with a married woman? That was my icebreaker. In all seriousness, though, thinking about your recent foray into the world of feminism , how did you view this story line within that framework? To me, I see less of a connection to feminism than I do to good habits of being in a relationship. The character you play in this film is pretty lost in love. How do you relate to that?

9 things to remember before watching Orange is the New Black series 3

ITV launching ‘ground-breaking’ new dating show to replace Love Island. I’m A Celeb ‘makes U-turn’ in huge twist to this year’s series. She took a host of those cool hipster pictures, where you hold printed versions of a place in front of the real scene. So what did she find when she investigated the abandoned facility? Boo’s secret love screwdriver?

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – Season 7 Still 14 Netflix Publicity – H of her parole officer, secure a job as a felon and reassimilate to the life she once knew. outside world after being abandoned by C.O. Bennett (Matt McGorry), Gloria was inching towards her release, but she still risked her date.

At some point or another, the series had to accept that not everyone could be saved from its notoriously punishing setting. No matter how many seasons they were given, certain characters would always have to face their lifelong sentences and unjust convictions. Some wrongs from prior seasons could never be righted. Some perpetrators would go unpunished. Some inner demons would continue to haunt. To let up on those realities would undermine the series’ Emmy-winning credibility and risk turning a great story into flimsy fan service.

Simply put, if OITNB wanted to stick the landing on its six-year run, that meant leaving people behind. It’s a frustrating limitation of art imitating the more brutal aspects of life, and could have made for a bleak conclusion.

Daya and Bennett

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C.O. John Bennett’s departure midway through Orange Is the New Black’s third season was gut-wrenchingly disappointing, even though we.

Dannett is the pairing between Dayanara Diaz and John Bennett. Daya and Bennett’s relationship begins in ” Tit Punch ” when Daya asks Bennett for a piece of gum, Bennett replies with “I can’t do that. It’d look funny Like I like you” to which Daya replies with “don’t you? Later in the episode Daya finds a piece of gum under her blanket on her bed, she smiles to herself. In ” Lesbian Request Denied ” Daya is assigned to room with Maria Ruiz , who is displeased when Daya hangs one of her drawings on the wall.

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Fans Are Pressed That CO Bennett Still Isn’t Back

Read at your own risk. When TVGuide. But there is one thing they agree on: Daya had some bad ideas this season. Do you think Bennett did the right thing turning himself in to Caputo? And the hopeless romantic in him, the part that really wanted to do right by her, was willing to put himself on the line and sacrifice everything in order to make her happy.

First came CO Bennett and Daya, then CO Coates Donuts and Pennsatucky, but outside of Litchfield, there’s a guard-inmate relationship that.

This article is from the archive of our partner. We’ve been tackling the episodes in small chunks, the better to binge responsibly. Vee began, it seemed, as an ally to the nervous Red, instructing her to use her connections to make life better for herself. But when Red’s importing business is successful, Vee turns on her, and has her lackeys beat her up. As one might predict, things do not go so smoothly for Piper out of prison.

After all, she’s there to mourn her grandmother, and things with Larry are tense. Piper’s father tells her why he doesn’t come to visit her in prison, Larry ultimately admits that he slept with someone else, and after all of that she doesn’t even get to go to The Spotted Pig which, for what it’s worth, is a really good choice for a furlough meal. What Piper learns in her time on the outside is nothing really new: prison changes people and you can’t really go back home.

But the resigned melancholy that pervades the end of the episode elevates her resignation to her situation. She then gets a burger from Storky’s—where Taystee worked—and grabs a 40 instead of cheap champagne. She’s absorbed everyone else’s experiences and finds herself in the exact same place. His return creates more tension between Daya and Bennett, the latter of whom thinks that they should tell Caputo that Pornstache is the father, to get him out of their lives.

‘Orange is the New Black’ 3×2—4: Daya’ Straits

John Bennett’s departure midway through Orange Is the New Black’s third season was gut-wrenchingly disappointing, even though we knew actor Matt McGorry was leaving Netflix for the greener relatively pastures of Shondaland. He was forced to skip out on OITNB when he landed a series regular role on How to Get Away with Murder , which just so happened to be a hugely successful network primetime hit that now has a regular shooting schedule.

But for Orange , it means that Daya was left high and dry without a guardian for her daughter. Considering Daya and her mother are both in prison, and her mother’s boyfriend Caesar who was caring for the rest of the underaged Diaz children just got arrested, Daya has no one left on the outside to be her daughter’s guardian. She gave birth in the final few minutes of the Season 3 finale, which is also where we see Caesar get arrested.

We’re Crossing Our Fingers That Officer Bennett Will Come Back for Season 7 of ‘​Orange Is the New Black’. By Pippa Raga. Updated 1 year ago.

After this season, Orange is the New Black could really use the hope of a happy ending — even if it means a major redemptive arc for Matt McGorry. There’s no news yet about whether or no Matt McGorry will return to the Netlix series, but we haven’t seen Bennett since Season 3. Daya’s family life spooked him, and he ran from her and his responsibilities. He drove away and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

He didn’t appear at all in Season 4. This caused more conflict than he realized. Not only did Pornstache aka Mendez’s mother try to adopt his and Daya’s baby, which fell through but in retrospect may have been the best option, but the child is now in foster care. At the end of Season 3, Aleida’s boyfriend Cesar took the newborn but was arrested soon after, which means the baby, named Armaria, was taken away and put in the system.

It’s not like, if Bennett were to somehow get word about Armaria’s situation, he could do much of anything about it. As far as the law in concerned, that baby’s father is Mendez. Proving paternity would mean that Bennett gets put in jail in Mendez’s place, and honestly, that poor baby deserves to have at least one family member who hasn’t been incarcerated.

Really Internet: Bennett Didn’t Really Leave Daya In ‘Orange Is The New Black’

The sixth season of Orange Is the New Black is excellent for many reasons. The script is on point a moment of appreciation for Adeola’s one-liners , the new characters are sublime give Carol and Barb all of the awards and the storylines are some of the most gripping that the show’s ever had don’t get us started on what happens to Taystee and Blanca. Five years on and it’s still one of the best shows on TV.

Nevertheless, there are one or two things that viewers are not happy about. Killing Kukudio off screen like that was not cute, the season finale didn’t need to be THAT heartbreaking, and we are still not over all of the missing characters reunite Flaca and Martiza now please. On top of that, CO John Bennett has not appeared on the show for an entire three seasons now and fans are not happy.

Orange-Is-The-New-Black-Season4-Release-Date- In Season 3 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, fans were surprised to see a arc between Daya (​Dascha Polanco) and corrections officer John Bennett (Matt McGorry).

Compared with what I used to do for a living, the assignment from my editors at The Marshall Project was simple: Binge-watch the third season of Orange Is the New Black and tell us what you think. They had two reasons for choosing me. One, I had never seen the show and had no preconceived notions about characters or plot. And two, before I was a reporter, I was a corrections officer. Unlike the women, the men strictly segregate themselves by race.

Gangs are everywhere, tension is ever-present, and explosive violence often follows prolonged periods of boredom and monotony. There were occasional themes and moments in Orange Is the New Black that struck me as authentic, but for the most part it takes broad creative liberty in portraying the culture of inmates and staff in a correctional facility.

Orange is the New Black’s Matt McGorry and Dascha Polanco on “Cray-Cray” Season 3 Baby Drama