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Show all photos. The active lighthouse and keeper’s home sit on a seven-acre point of land in one of the narrowest points of the Chesapeake Bay. It was established in Proceeds from this beautiful rental site will support the CMM and a lighthouse endowment set up for its continued care. Structures on the property include the foot high brick light tower, dating to , and a keeper’s house, originally built in the same year, but enlarged in to make it a duplex for two keepers and their families. Other buildings on the site include the fog bell building, now used as a mini-theater for public orientations, a small cottage built in , and a brick building housing the Coast Guard’s radio transmitter and emergency diesel generator, also dating from The second floor provides a full bath, one bedroom with two twin size beds, and another bedroom, with a queen bed. The third floor has a small reading nook at the top of the stairs, and a room with a queen bed and full bath.

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Mar 8, – The Sumiyoshi lighthouse is Japan’s oldedest lighthouse dating back to AD. It’s located in Ogaki, Japan.

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The light of the new lighthouse is the most powerful on the South African coast. Macao Lighthouse dating from It is the oldest Western-style lighthouse in Asia.

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If you ask an islander to name his or her favorite beach on Capri, you will almost certainly hear ” Il Faro “, or the lighthouse. In truth, Il Faro is not really a beach, but more a rocky bay where you can dive directly into the crystalline water. What locals love most about this beach is the imposing lighthouse dominating the point and the sun which shines on this cove from dawn to dusk. The Punta Carena lighthouse is the second brightest in Italy after Genoa and one of the oldest, as it was first used in If you walk slowly down the trafficked road which leads from the Caprile quarter of Anacapri , you can savor the views over the dramatic rocky coastline, lined with tiny coves and inlets, the lush Mediterranean flora, the pine grove along the bay, and the stone cliffs, home to the Caciocavallo Caves and topped by the imposing Torre della Guardia guard tower.

Apr 7, – The Sumiyoshi lighthouse is Japan’s oldedest lighthouse dating back to AD. It’s located in Ogaki, Japan.

Lighthouse of Alexandria , also called Pharos of Alexandria , one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the most famous lighthouse in antiquity. It was a technological triumph and is the archetype of all lighthouses since. The lighthouse stood on the island of Pharos in the harbour of Alexandria and is said to have been more than feet metres high; the only taller man-made structures at the time would have been the pyramids of Giza. Much of what is known about the structure of the lighthouse comes from a work by Hermann Thiersch, Pharos, antike, Islam und Occident.

According to the ancient sources consulted by Thiersch, the lighthouse was built in three stages, all sloping slightly inward; the lowest was square, the next octagonal, and the top cylindrical. A broad spiral ramp led to the top, where a fire burned at night. Some descriptions report that the lighthouse was surmounted by a huge statue, possibly representing either Alexander the Great or Ptolemy I Soter in the form of the sun god Helios.

Noordwijk Lighthouse dating from 1921 – Vuurtoren van Noordwijk

The Ocracoke Island Lighthouse may not be the most imposing of the Outer Banks lighthouses , but as North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse in operation, and the second oldest in the United States , it is certainly one of the most beloved. At just 65′ ft. Visitors to Ocracoke Island make the lighthouse a must-see stop on their walking and biking tours throughout the village. Because everything is so close, finding and visiting the Ocracoke Lighthouse is a breeze once you’re on island.

sep – Lighthouse Dating from , Overlooking Harbour, Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark.

Ocracoke Lighthouse. Scenic USA on Facebook. Just by mentioning Ocracoke Island to coastal Carolinians, the southern section of North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore , you may get a history lesson of shipwrecks, buccaneer treachery and the Golden Age of Pirates. The tales of Edward Teach would fill a chapter of this coastal island’s history book. Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, was feared by all who sailed the seas. Known to be “kin to the devil”, Teach spent his final years on Ocracoke Island at what is now known as Teach’s Hole.

Ocracoke Inlet was the only deep water entrance to Pamlico Sound and its shifting sands claimed one of its first vessels in The Diamond Shoals have destroyed so many ships, the area has been named Graveyard of the Atlantic. By the early s, increased maritime traffic begged for a new navigational beacon as the original wooden lighthouse was burnt by a lightning fire.

Today, the Ocracoke Lighthouse , dating back to , is North Carolina’s oldest operating lighthouse.

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Ontdek ideeën over Diagrammen. Sandy Hook Lighthouse: America’s oldest lighthouse dating back to DiagrammenZomer Uitverkoop. Meer informatie​.

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The Matagorda Island WMA consists of 56, acres of offshore barrier island and bayside marshes which is operated as a wildlife management area, jointly owned by the Texas General Land Office and the U. Texas Parks and Wildlife manages the Area for public use and the Fish and Wildlife Service has the main responsibility for managing the wildlife and habitat on the island.

The island is 38 miles long and varies in width from less than a mile to about four and a half miles. The island supports a wide variety of migratory birds, some 19 state or federally listed threatened or endangered species, a large herd of white-tailed deer, alligators and other wildlife. Activities include salt-water fishing, hunting in season , birding, picnicking and historical interpretation.

A lighthouse dating from still stands at the north end of the island.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built on the island of Pharos outside the harbours of Alexandria, Egypt c. – BCE, during the reigns of.

The lantern is 5. Establishment of the first lightstation on the island dates back to , when a lighthouse was built on the upper point. A second lighthouse was built half-way down the cliff in , following numerous complaints from mariners, who found it impossible to see the light from the upper lighthouse in foggy conditions. The first lower lighthouse was built of wood, but was replaced in by the current structure. The Belle Isle South End Lower Lighthouse is a heritage lighthouse because of its historical, architectural, and community values.

Historical values Built in to replace the wooden lower lighthouse dating from , the current lighthouse is associated with the improvement of the navigation system in the Strait of Belle Isle. A first lighthouse was built on the upper south end of the island in as part of the construction of a series of four lighthouses in Newfoundland by the government of the United Canadas in the s. Lawrence into the Atlantic Ocean. With the increase in marine traffic by steamships in the strait, it was necessary to build lighthouses to speed up passage through the strait and improve navigation.

The Belle Isle lightstation is also associated with the regular use of the Strait of Belle Isle by commercial vessels and local fishermen. Sober and essentially functional in design, it is a rare example of a Canadian lighthouse which has a lantern, but no tower. The lighthouse consists of a massive concrete base with an exterior masonry wall, to which is affixed a red metal lantern topped with a dome.

The unusual design of the lighthouse is particularly well adapted to its environment.

Cove Point Lighthouse Keeper’s House- Side B

A jewel of the Elizabeth Islands, the Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse has been a landmark for ships on the Vineyard Sound for four centuries. Steeped with history, it is the only remaining lighthouse in the Elizabeth Islands. The original lighthouse was erected in , making the Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse the fourth light built off of the New England coast after Boston , Newport , and Brant Point The present Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse was built in and played a critical role in the East Coast shipping industry.

And although the lighthouse was able to warn sailors off the Naushon shoreline, hundreds of vessels were none-the-less drawn sideways onto the shoals by the unexpected tidal currents of the Sound.

The oldest operating lighthouse in the world. Anibal Trejo/ Shutterstock. This ancient Roman lighthouse, dating back to the late 1st century A.D.

And none more eerie perhaps, than that of the story associated with the mysterious disappearance of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers in the remote Outer Hebrides of Scotland. What is infinitely more surprising is that many of these lighthouses have now been converted to hotels or cottages for your holidaying enjoyment!

Situated in a unique position of the south coast of England, where the South Downs roll into the English Channel, Belle Tout lighthouse was reopened in after an extensive renovation during which time it was picked up and moved back over 50 feet to avoid it falling into the sea! According to reviews the breakfasts here are fantastic, and there is also a sitting room at the top of the lighthouse where guests can relax next to a log fire.

If you are looking to stay at Belle Tout, our recommendation is to aim for the Keepers Loft room which is situated on the upper floor of the tower. As the name suggests, this was the original bunk room of the lighthouse keepers and still features the original ladder to the double loft bed. Dating back to , this luxury hotel is situated on the northern tip of the Rhinns Peninsula and boasts views out towards the coast of Ireland. There is also an award winning restaurant as well as a helipad we kid you not!

Interestingly, the light on the hotel is still operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board and to this day still shines brightly above the hotel, a warning to ships approaching the mouth of Loch Ryan. Lighthouse Cottage, near Cromer, Norfolk. Standing 26 metres tall, Happisburgh is the oldest working lighthouse in East Anglia and is open to the public on Sundays during the summer season. For those of you interested in the history of the lighthouse, it dates back to and was designed by none other than Robert Stevenson.

We were especially impressed by the hot tub on the roof with views across the Bristol Channel at this quirky little hotel!

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