Game review: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Multiplayer Beta)

BY Lauren Arevalo-Downes. However, some wondered if the bonuses accrued from the game time would disrupt the competitive balance of the multiplayer when the full game released; Eric Monacelli at Naughty Dog answered those concerns. There were multiple unlockables such as the Subway T-shirt and Subway 5 dollar footlong taunt that were specific to the Taste for Adventure sweepstakes. If you were able to win one, these carried over as well. Above all the most critical way we handle game balance is to make sure our matchmaking system works to appropriately match up players of similar rank and skill level. The promotion itself was viewed as a way to get to experience Uncharted 3 ahead of release by the players who participated. With an expected growth rate of BY Nina Aghadjanian.

Patch 1.02 has killed matchmaking.

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The latest multiplayer patch for Uncharted 4 has caused a few issues for some 3) While your game is searching for other players, click on.

After an initial slew of complaints regarding matchmaking, the earlier beta carried on with little incident. This was very much the case. One-versus-one gun battles always seemed to end in favour of the player with better skill. But the PvP in the open beta was definitely fun, and getting the better of an enemy player was quite satisfying. I also knew that when I had been outgunned or outplayed, this was a skill issue and nothing else.

Once you earn money from downing other players, you can purchase consumables and gear from the in-game store on the fly. These abilities can feel out of place in a straightforward third-person shooter, but they somehow work, adding a tactical layer to the solid gameplay. Players will also be able to spawn in buddies including snipers and heavy gunners to create chaos on the battlefield.

The revive system is a good addition as well. There is a heavy emphasis on utilizing the environment to your advantage by hiding, flanking and funneling. The existence of area-of-effect abilities grenades, C4, Mysticals means that groups of enemies can be dispatched instantly if funneled through an entrance or exit. The Stress Test introduced a new map, Rooftops, which appears to be based on the Turkish museum seen in the opening hours of Uncharted 2.

A Thief’s End multiplayer beta

The first beta patch for Uncharted 3 has been rolling out over the last hour. If you were experiencing issues playing the Uncharted 3 beta – the matchmaking server should be going online and working any minute now. Unfortunately there are a crapload of more issues. Played a few games, but some had so much lag. Best to wait until tomorrow IMO.

Real-time problems and outages for Uncharted. Uncharted is an action-​adventure third-person shooter video game. I have a Uncharted 3 problems.

If you’re still using your PlayStation 3 and are a fan of Naughty Dog, there’s some interesting news concerning three of the developer’s titles. Of the ones mentioned, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has taken advantage of the multiplayer capability the longest, having been released on October 13, , followed by Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on November 1, , and The Last of Us on June 14, There is however some good news, as between now and September 3, all services like matchmaking will remain active, with both gameplay and vanity multiplayer DLC being made available for free for everybody via new bundles.

These bundles will then be removed from the PlayStation Store once the shutdown date rolls around. Here are the relevant links:. Auto theme Default theme Darkside theme. Community Activity Refresh. Trending Stories.


The Version 1. The patch addresses a number of minor issues, but the big change is to the single player game’s aiming mechanics. At the behest of fans, it’s now possible to choose between Uncharted 3’s aiming style and that of the previous games.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Matchmaking Issues resolved Imagine if there was no beta,day 1 UC3 Multiplayer would be a disaster.

Chasing across the globe in search of the El Dorado treasure and pursuing the Cintamani stone across the Himalayas was only the beginning — catch up with Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3 on his third PlayStation 3 outing as he sets out on a quest for the fabled Atlantis of the Sands. Until then, all multiplayer services for this title, including matchmaking and leader boards, will remain active.

Please note: multiplayer servers and support for the PlayStation 4 version of this game will be unaffected by the PS3 server decommissioning. Out Now. Buy on PlayStation Store. A dashing adventurer One epic journey. Official game site. Videos and images See Uncharted in action. More Less. Playing Uncharted 3 What’s in the game? Set out on an action-adventure that combines story with dramatic action sequences and a thrilling pace – blurring the line between games and Hollywood films. Take on opponents in more ways than before: hand-to-hand combat with multiple opponents, contextual melee attacks and new stealth options.

For an extra challenge, collect ancient relics to unlock hidden extras.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception™

Multiplayer was a first for the series, but the real talking point was the single-player campaign. Now before you get too excited, Uncharted 3 does not stray from that same formula, although it does build upon it in some interesting ways. You can see a bit of that as far as the two maps included in the Beta. In Airstrip there is a neat little segment on a runway where you can jump from truck to truck, and truck to plane, but after the tenth time of playing it, you really wish you could just skip ahead to the plain old shooting.

In Chateau the upstairs of the mansion catches on fire, and the floor crumbles, which changes up the map slightly. There are a few more destructible things in both maps.

Naughty Dog has released the second ‘Uncharted 3’ patch, version , which a number of fixes, tweaks to multiplayer, and added gameplay features. Players no longer able to join party that is already in Matchmaking.

Jump to navigation. In addition to XP, you also earn Relics from playing Survival mode and, again, just like in competitive multiplayer, you can use those Relics to unlock new cosmetic items. It was a little disappointing at first to discover that, unlike previous Uncharted games, Survival and competitive multiplayer have completely separate progression tracks which means more grinding for dedicated players , but when I discovered the above mentioned Player Buff feature, it made more sense.

Also, and this is purely a matter of personal taste, I hope that Naughty Dog has plans to bring the custom multiplayer avatars from Uncharted 3 back for Uncharted 4 at some point. View the discussion thread. Video Game Reviews. Dec 23,

Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Team Objective T-Bolt and Pistoles Only

The Uncharted 4 beta looms and I suspect or at least hope! In general, multiplayer gaming has gone in a direction that is diametrically opposed to my sensibilities. But hey it is my wishlist! And I will ask for what I want regardless of how unlikely getting those things might be. Here it goes!

in Uncharted 2 and am now looking to do the same for Uncharted 3. Down Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, and The Last of Us PS3 Multiplayer time finding another person AND getting the matchmaking to happen again.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has quickly become one of the most successful titles of , selling 3. However, despite rave reviews across the board read our Uncharted 3 review , one aspect of the game has been especially bothersome to certain gamers – gunplay aim settings. As a result, Naughty Dog has pushed out a patch that should help satisfy affected players – while allowing unaffected gamers to keep playing with their current aiming set-up. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception patch version 1.

That said, no doubt the biggest incentive, for anyone who was actively waiting for patch 1. Of course, not everyone is happy – as the official announcement over at Naughty Dog’s site is already getting flooded with frustrated fans who either: a don’t think the alternate aim settings fixed the underlying problem or b didn’t want Naughty Dog messing with the settings in the first place.

As mentioned, the developer didn’t just tweak the aim setting options – as there were a number of potentially controversial changes to multiplayer as well.

Uncharted 3: Balancing The Multiplayer Beta Promotion

Penny Arcade and Naughty Dog have been mutual fans for quite a while — we compiled their Jak II and not one, but two, Uncharted 2 related comics in a post here on NaughtyDog. They’re all just a really good crew at Penny Arcade. We’ve never been able to team up in any sort of official capacity, but that time has now come. As revealed on PlayStation.

Naughty Dog will shut down PS3 multiplayer servers for Uncharted 2, as between now and September 3, all services like matchmaking will.

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Uncharted 3 Patch 1.05, New DLC and matchmaking issue!