400 Million Year Old Hammer discovered In Texas The London

The inner handle underwent the carbonization process, the hammerhead was constructed with iron purity, and this is only possible with modern-day technology, according to research by the Metallurgical Institute of Columbia. After its discovery and due to all the questions the hammer raised, researchers decided to abandon the incredible discovery in the Somervell Museum, in Texas. Surprisingly researchers also found that the iron had undergone a process of purification and hardening, typical of metallurgy of the twentieth century. According to analysis, the rock encasing of the hammer was dated to the Ordovician era, more than million years ago. The portion of stone surrounding the hammer-head also presented abnormalities, seeming to have merged with some type of sheath covering the hammer. According to geologists, the slow process of petrification dates back hundreds of millions of years. This has led several ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists to a quick deduction of the context of the incredible discovery leading them to assume not only that there was a human civilization before the historical process of petrification in Texas, but that this ancient civilization already possessed the necessary technology for the fabrication of a hammer with modern features.

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Application of calibrated Schmidt-hammer surface-exposure dating (SHD) to the run-out debris of a rock avalanche at Alstadfjellet, Valldalen, southern Norway.

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Description: Frank and Emma Hahn were hiking in the London Texas area and discovered a rock outcropping with a handle sticking out of it in They removed the nodule containing the handle. It was not until or when the rock was broken open revealing the hammer head. One report stated that the rock containing the hammer was sitting loose while the original discoveres account stated that it was buried in the outcropping.

The artifact is located at the Creation Evidence Museum. Mainstream Theory: The hammer was removed from the surrounding landscape without being photographed eliminating any proof of what geological strata the hammer originally layed in. The Carbon dating of the wood indicated a median year of years old. Only a minimal amount of fossilization had occured on the wood handle indicating a recent origin. Alternative Theory: The outcropping, which the nodule was removed from, is from the Cretaceaus Period million years ago.

A Photo K16 test was performed on the iron of the hammer and found to be very pure with no bubbles which, according to the “Creation Evidence Museum” cannot be consistently produced with today’s technology. The handle appears to have been cut off rather than broken and the darkened areas of the handle is where it has partially turned to coal.

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Our topic is basically limited to footprint claims, but the subject matter requires glances beyond these limits. Carl Baugh has stepped outside his footprints to claim other anti-evolutionist evidence. One of his principal pieces of evidence for human contemporaneity with supposedly ancient geological strata is an iron hammer with a wooden handle found near London, Texas by others in the s in an “Ordovician” stone concretion “in the scenario” but not in the Glen Rose region.

He gave no reference and did not blink at the date earlier than his view of creation.

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Every once in a while, archaeologists and sometimes amateur archaeologists make remarkable and bizarre discoveries. In June or according to some accounts , Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open with a hammer and a chisel. Ironically, what they found within seemed to be an archaic hammer of sorts.

In fact, the style of the hammer would lead us to recognise it as nineteenth-​century in date and of definitely American provenance. Carl Baugh is.

The so-called ” London Artifact ” is a hammer made of wood and iron found in in London Texas by Max Hahn and his wife. The object is often referred to as a OOPart , as it was apparently set in a rock concretion that would have been around million years old. Initially only a part of wood came out of the rock and the couple simply found a curiosity and brought it to their home; it was only a few years later that the son of the two decided to split the rock formation to reveal what immediately looked like a hammer; the strange thing is that the same rock that held the hammer also housed the fossil of a shell of a mollusk, dating back to million years ago.

In the creationist Carl Baugh , who became aware of the hammer, decided to purchase it to exhibit it in the ” Creation Evidence Museum ” as irrefutable proof of creationist theories :. If the artifact is relatively recent, that means that the Cretaceous Hensell Sand formation from which it came is relatively young…. The London Artifact: what does science think about it?

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London Hammer. Please see Romans 1. Evolution is a biological concept, not archaeological. You can post as texas links to ridiculous creationist YouTube.

Oopart out of place artifact is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show a level of technological advancement incongruous with the times in which they were made. Ooparts often frustrate conventional scientists, delight adventurous investigators open to alternative theories, and spark debate. A hammer was found in London, Texas, in encased in stone that had formed around it. The rock surrounding the hammer is said to be more than million years old, suggesting the hammer was made well before humans who could have made such an object are thought to have existed.

According to Baugh, the tests found the hammer to have unusual metallurgy— Carbon is usually what strengthens brittle iron, so it is strange that carbon is absent. Chlorine is not usually found in iron. The iron shows a high degree of craftsmanship without bubbles in the metal. Furthermore, it is said to be coated in an iron oxide that would not readily form under natural conditions and which prevents rust. Glen J. He cites a issue of the magazine Creation Ex Nihilo.

Epoch Times contacted Battelle Laboratory to verify. A spokeswoman said she had not heard of the hammer in her 15 years at the lab, but she would check into it.

“The London Artifact” or “The London Hammer” (Texas)

It was there that they discovered an artifact that seemed completely out of place. What they found was a unique piece of wood protruding from a rock concretion. When the rock was broken by their son in , it revealed an iron hammer with a wooden handle. The London Hammer. The Hammer is six inches The metal has been identified as consisting of

The London Hammer is a name given to a hammer made of iron and wood that was found in London, Texas in Part of the hammer is.

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Read more about our cookie policy Accept and close the cookie policy. Museum number , Description Cast copper alloy socketed hammer, with flat collar and square mouth. Production date BCBC c. Materials copper alloy. Technique cast. Dimensions Length: 61 millimetres Weight: The Salisbury hoard originally consisted of over copper-alloy objects which were illegally excavated in at Netherhampton, Wiltshire, England.

The objects were subsequently acquired by the British Museum from finders and collectors. It remains one of the largest hoards ever found in Britain and is virtually unique in containing objects from the Early Bronze Age through to the Late Iron Age — several of which are either rare or unique.

The London Hammer: An Object Out of Time?

This has led several ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists to a quick deduction of the context of the incredible discovery leading them to assume not only that there was a human civilization before the historical process of personification in Texas, but that this ancient civilization already possessed the necessary technology for the fabrication of a hammer with modern features.

Ancient Texas hammer found embedded in rock — million years old! In the s in the city of London, near Red Creek, Texas, the ancient iron hammer was discovered embedded in a rock. Various stories, pictures and videos in circulation online claim to show a startling discovery questioning the conventional history of human civilization. In the year some reports say , Max Hahn and his wife were hiking along the Red Creek near the small town of London, Texas.

Alleged to date back more than million years, the London Hammer, a.k.a. the London Artifact, can be looked at as a study in how the.

Voting for the RationalMedia Foundation board of trustees election is underway! The London Hammer is a name given to a hammer made of iron and wood that was found in London, Texas in Part of the hammer is embedded in a limy rock concretion, leading to it being hailed in some quarters as an anomalous artifact: if an obviously man-made tool is old enough to have been encased in rock, the argument goes, then conventional history is wrong.

The creationist Carl Baugh latched on to the hammer in the eighties, even using it as the basis of speculation of how the atmospheric quality of a pre- flood earth could have encouraged the growth of giants. Baugh’s claims were countered by researcher John Cole, who pointed out that the rock concretion could have been the result of dissolved sediment hardening around the hammer, something which can happen in a relatively short amount of time; Cole also concluded that, judging by its style, the artifact is a 19th century miner’s hammer.

In the conclusion to his own debunking of the artifact, paleontologist Glen Kuban agreed with the recent age of the hammer and stressed that unless Baugh or any others could provide evidence that the hammer was once naturally situated in a pre-Quaternary stratum, it would remain a curiosity, not a reliable out-of-place artifact.

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